Beat Winter Blue With Colorful Wall Art

It is not hard to understand why people get the winter blues, the days are short and its cold and miserable outside. The winter winds can chill you to the bone when More »

Learn More About Pop Art

When you think of pop art paintings and prints, you should picture bright colors, famous characters from pop culture and entertainment, and mixed materials. This discipline is basically the antithesis of the More »

The Evolution Of Modern Art Painting

The global acceptance of modern art has led to its presence being seen in various forms in many art exhibitions. Any exhibition, boasting of art paintings for sale, is sure to include More »

Canvas Art Painting for Decorative Purpose

Canvas art painting can lift the beauty of your living space and also give you a reason to smile every time you walk past it. The paintings which we have today are More »

Creative Ways to Use Canvas Art Painting

Canvas art painting has the power to beautify your house in a frightfully exciting way. Art and creativity go hand in hand. As a person who has a fetish for art, one More »

Learn More About Pop Art

When you think of pop art paintings and prints, you should picture bright colors, famous characters from pop culture and entertainment, and mixed materials. This discipline is basically the antithesis of the fine arts and is a response to the seriousness with which fine art regards itself. It really took off in the 1950s and started out of North America and the United Kingdom.

Artists like Andy Warhol are famous for their works like his take on the Campbell’s soup can. Using advertisements and logos is typical of this style and modern art and they are designed to make a statement and have a strong attitude towards the subject matter. Celebrities are also a staple of this style’s subjects and they are generally painted in just a few bold colors.

It really makes an excellent decorative statement for any room and you can really make some bold choices with colors and imagery. Choose something that speaks to you or choose a painting of a celebrity that you really like such as Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and more. It’s

Canvas Metal Wall Art

Metal art painting is quite different from canvas art, though the basic things are more or less the same. There are different challenges posed by each form and they require completely different set of approaches. Though, a potential buyer can find metal art paintings in the market almost as easily as canvas wall artworks, it can be interesting to learn about the basic differences between the two art painting categories:

Hard metal versus soft canvas: Metal is harder than canvas and a first-timer may have to get out of his comfort zone in order to make a metal art. While a different kind of mental preparation becomes necessary, even technically the artist needs to gear up to tackle some fresh challenges.

Rusting: One of the key differences between metal painting and canvas painting is that the former is prone to rusting. Since metal wall artworks are carried out over metals, the element of rusting comes into play. Rusting is a usual phenomenon with almost any type of ferrous metal. However, certain precautions may be taken in order to minimize the risk of rust development. An alternative is to choose

Buying Modern Art Paintings

Buying paintings for your home is the first step in adding your personal touch to an interior decoration. Decorating your personal living space is a vital need; we all want to live in a space that makes us feel good and relaxed. Our homes are small havens and sanctuaries; therefore displaying art in your home is a way to personalize and mark the space you live in. Modern art paintings are a great way to make your space breathe artistic creation and style.

Modern art paintings have been the most popular art pieces the last few years, either displayed in art galleries for random visitors and enthusiasts, or as part of the decoration in our living or working space. There are thousands of avid collectors of Modern art paintings all over the world, who are willing to spend some serious amounts of money in order to buy the objects of their desire. Whether you see them as an investment or as art pieces for personal pleasure, original modern paintings are an absolute must have.

Displaying modern art pieces and paintings

Beat Winter Blue With Colorful Wall Art

It is not hard to understand why people get the winter blues, the days are short and its cold and miserable outside. The winter winds can chill you to the bone when there is no sign of the warmth of the sun! But, just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean it has to be cold inside. During the winter, when we all tend to spend a lot more time indoors, it’s a great time to add some color and style to your home to brighten up the long winter days.

One great way to add warmth and style to your room is to invest in some colorful wall art painting as it can give a warm glow to your home as well as giving it a bit of a lift and adding some color and interest. Wintry images with rich winter hues will do wonders for your living environment.

Where to find wall art painting to beat winter blue?

The best wall art painting is hand-painted oil painting on canvas because of the following reasons:
1. It’s a true work of art because it’s create by hand.
2. Canvas is a painting surface that

The Evolution Of Modern Art Painting

The global acceptance of modern art has led to its presence being seen in various forms in many art exhibitions. Any exhibition, boasting of art paintings for sale, is sure to include some form or other of modern art paintings.

It is termed as abstract expression of the artists on the canvass. The painting is not specific to any object, but the centralized theme is reflected in the painting using colours and images on the minds of those artists. The evolution of modern art as an activity, started during the World War II and its origin can be traced in America. The word was coined by Robert Coates who was a famous critic of automatic and spontaneous expression of creativity in the form of paintings.

The modern art painting is the first of its kind in artistic movements in America (in Russia such movement was seen during the era of constructivism) which went on to gain global importance. Willem De Kooning and Arshile Gorky are the pioneers in this field.

It is again sub divided into action painting and colour field painting. The former category was practiced by Philip Guston and Franz Kline who stressed

Canvas Art Painting for Decorative Purpose

Canvas art painting can lift the beauty of your living space and also give you a reason to smile every time you walk past it. The paintings which we have today are available in such a huge variety that a man of any mean or taste can find something to satisfy himself.

However, buying high-quality paintings require some knowledge and if you are a layman or are making your first such purchase, then the following five tips will be in your help for getting that perfect modern canvas art painting from artists:

Ensure it Matches with Walls

The most important point to keep in mind is the wall painting done in your house. A canvas painting needs to be hung on the wall and its beauty shall naturally get affected by the background color. It is advisable that you select a painting which presents some contrast to the colors of your wall. So, a personal examination of your room’s design and theme will help you buy an appropriate painting.

Go for Suitable Theme

Decorative art paintings are not limited by a genre or theme or design. Today’s artists are highly creative and they

Creative Ways to Use Canvas Art Painting

Canvas art painting has the power to beautify your house in a frightfully exciting way. Art and creativity go hand in hand. As a person who has a fetish for art, one can always take the liberty of coming up with his/her own ideas about using the painting.

Here are 5 creative ways which can be used to decorate your house with such a painting:

Framing it up: The right kind of frame can do justice to the painting and can also compound the beauty of the art multifold times. Quite often, an absence of frame can fail to elicit the true artistic beauty of a painting. While a frame can truly bring about a miraculous transformation, one must be discreet while choosing it. The right frame needn’t be expensive, since even some old frames can be reprised by adding some touch-ups and varnish strokes.

Substituting wire with ribbon: Another creative touch you can lend to a canvas wall art painting is to attach it to the wall with the aid of colorful ribbons, instead of the usual wires. Wires may look bland and can even erode the beauty of the art to some extent. Ribbons have

How to Create Modern Art Paintings

If you think you have the talent and enthusiasm to become a pro artist, you should go ahead with it. However, do remember that talent alone won’t take you anywhere unless you can imbibe discipline into your routine and pledge to improvise over your flaws. Modern decorative art painting is more about observation and diligence than anything else. However, some educational or technical qualification also helps.

Though you can sign up for some course if you wish, the best form of learning is self-education. Research as much as possible, observe the paintings of artists from all eras and try to experiment with different styles. When you are working on modern wall art paintings, you will produce bad work more often than good work. It is the part and parcel of an artist’s life. Don’t let your failings curb your enthusiasm; keep on improvising and producing work until you come with perfect art.

Warming up is also essential. Your first few strokes of brush may not produce good results. Allow yourself some time to get into stride and after an hour or so you will feel confident as you slip into the right mood. Contemporary canvas art

Adding Contemporary Art Paintings

Every room you walk into should have a personality and an outstanding quality based on what the room contains. This means everything from design, shape, and color, placement of furniture such as tables, chairs, flower arrangements or contemporary art paintings. Everything in a room has its own place, and this adds a perfect ambiance to a room.

Why art is necessary

When you choose to decorate an office, you should first determine what you would like to portray. You can have an office that looks sleek and minimalist or one that looks busy and bursting with life. There are many modern offices that usually opt for contemporary abstract paintings. This is because these paintings allow the office to look chic yet warm and comfortable at the same time. Art tends to give a life to a place; it adds a certain amount of characteristic charm. This is why art is necessary for every home and office. They are also great conversation starters.

Art is celebrated in every corner of the world these days. It is easy now to search for art paintings online because there are a number of art sellers and creators available who

Abstract Art Paintings

In general terms, abstract art paintings break the monotony of realism and reject the fact that paintings should depict pragmatism. In the pre-World War II era, abstract art painters mostly depicted spiritualism or intellectualism, rejecting the 20th century motto of “art for art’s sake” and replacing realism with spirituality and rationality. Furthermore, with the advent of the technology age, abstract art has gained greater significance.

Painting as an art form has undergone several changes, especially during the 20th century, wherein a transition from figurative painting to abstract painting was the chief feature of the era. Renowned painter Pablo Picasso is generally believed to have ushered the shift from figurative to abstract painting. Picasso, along with George Braque, formulated a new pictorial representation known as cubism, wherein the artists depicted an object as seen from a different viewpoint.

Abstract art painting took a further leap in 1911 with the creation of synthetic cubism and analytical cubism. These forms of cubism fragmented the subject in the painting, for example, in analytical cubism, painters used crystalline geometry, while in synthetic cubism the subjects were reduced in size. Artists like Piet Mondrian, whose paintings ultimately led to the first non-figurative

Modern Art Paintings

Many collectors and investors choose modern art paintings because they are the cutting edge of art today. They reflect the energy of today’s world and serve as barometers against the ever changing art scene. They can also become significant investments if they are created by an up and coming modern artist and bought early in their career.

The reason modern art paintings become successful today is the same reason Picasso’s paintings were successful in his day. The art scene is full of movements over time. These movements are usually reactions to previous contemporary art practices of the previous eras. For example the Impressionist artists the world over developed a completely revolutionary way of creating great works in their era. Instead of painting inside studios as had been the custom for hundreds of years, Impressionist painters from around the world such as Claude Monet, Pierre- Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Paul Cezanne in France, and in Australia, Tom Roberts, Fredrick McCubbin, Jane Sutherland, Charles Conder, and Authur Streeton took their palettes outside and captured the light in “plein air” in completely new ways with colour. In the late nineteenth century, these were ground breaking modern art paintings at their

Learning to Make Canvas Art

Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in art paintings. This trend has acquired lots of acceptance in the last couple of years. Numerous individuals are actually exhibiting an interest in canvas art paintings. These paintings are, today, looked at as important parts of modern interior designs. This is why many people are buying these paintings. They enhance the appeal of the room. This is a wonderful idea. However, have you thought about creating your own canvas art paintings? There is an artist inside each one of us. Thus, why don’t you bring him or her out? Painting is not intended for just the skilled professionals. It is like dancing; an art form that anyone can do.

With the aid of a canvas, you can make your paintings truly professional and appealing. Mount your painting on a frame to ensure that the entire world can witness it. Canvas art paintings will heighten the appeal of your home or office area. Numerous people already do this with the assistance of pictures and prints. You can do the same with paintings. Paintings are a good picture of creativity and culture. You will be putting your money in

Information About Fine Art

When you think of fine art paintings, you may think of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Vincent Van Gogh. One would be right to associate those names with fine art. They painted some of the most famous works of art known to man to date.

One may typically find authentic paintings in the homes of the elite, the fortunate few, or in art museums. These types of paintings are rare and not easily seen in person. They are also costly, so being able to afford to purchase one is out of the question for most people. However, museums house many original fine paintings for the public to view.

The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci back in the sixteenth century. He began painting it in 1503 and worked on it until the year 1519. People trying to figure it out have mulled over Mona Lisa’s expression for years. The expression on her face leaves one with a lot to consider about the painting. In the year 1911, an Italian man stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. It was recovered and returned back to the Louvre two years

Modern Wall Art Paintings

As you live in the modern era, you need to keep pace with the modern art. One of the best ways to revamp your house, clubs or office is to decorate their walls with variety of wall art paintings. Modern wall art painting could enliven your space and inject a spark that otherwise was not there. The beauty of these art paintings can be gauged from the fact that their sale has reported a sharp increase in recent times.

With urbanization kicking in, people are fast shifting basic settlements to elite houses and mansions. Even the furniture has gone through a sea change in the current decade. So, to match these new settings and the new style of decor, it becomes imperative to hang some contemporary art works in your living room and bedroom.

Modern wall art painting is not an un-heard form of art, despite the fact that its origin is fairly new. Keeping in tune with the changed lifestyle and decor, this art has been developed to breathe freshness to contemporary homes. It won’t be wrong to cite that it has its roots in old forms of arts and is obliged heavily to its

Pop Art Paintings

The visual art movement known as Pop Art began in Britain during the middle of the 1950s. It later moved into the United States culture by the end of this same decade. Pop Art paintings are usually of characters that are popular in advertising, comic books, and anyone else who plays a large part in mass culture. Irony tends to be used extensively in Pop Art design. Even the most mundane objects can be painted or drawn in such a way that they are truly a work of art.

Sometimes the most intriguing paintings are of images that are common in everyday advertising. A prime example of this would be the painting of cans of soup that Andy Warhol made. Each of the 32 cans in the painting depicted the type of soup offered by a certain company at the time the painting was created. Andy Warhol played a large part in boosting the movement. His painting titled Eight Elvises, which is also considered Pop Art, brought 100 million dollars.

Paintings done in the Pop style varied between Britain and the United States, even though this movement was referred to as the Pop Art movement in

Abstract Art Paintings

When it comes to a visual display of color, line, form, and overall composition, Abstract Art has a language all its own. The imagery included in Abstract Art paintings are often far fetched versions of reality. Sometimes they are paintings of things that only the artist is able to interpret. There are artists who are able to get their point across to the public, by painting in such a way that is appealing to just about anyone who views their work.

Various versions of abstract are included in the collection of paintings that fall under the title of Abstract Art. Partial abstraction is present in realistic art. These types of paintings are able to be understood by most people. There are shapes and designs that are recognizable to the general public. As for total abstraction, most of these paintings include images that don’t bear a resemblance to anything anyone has ever come across before.

Historically, there were three art movements that actually contributed to the coming about of abstract paintings; Romanticism, Impressionism, and Expressionism. Each of these took place in the nineteenth century. However, Cubism and Fauvism paved the way for abstract paintings to become more

Indian Art Paintings

The term Indian art paintings conjures up a whole myriad of different images. In fact, the term Indian art covers huge range of different art forms all coming from India and all unique in their own ways. This article covers some of the more popular forms of paintings in India from Madhubani Paintings, Mughal Paintings, Phad Paintings and miniature paintings. India’s art culture has it’s roots in thousands of years of evolution; the hugely varied cultures, ethnic groups, languages and religions from all over India have created what is now one of the most diverse and unique collections of paintings and styles of paintings of any nation on earth.

Here are just a handful of the thousands of different Indian art paintings styles from around the country.

Madhubani Paintings

Otherwise known as Mithila art, Madhuban paintings come from the region of Mithila in India and originated in a small town. Originally the madhuban Indian art paintings where painted onto the side of the mud huts of the women artists but the now the term is used to represent a whole range of art in a similar style done on canvas, linen and paper. The materials

Fine Art Paintings

However, today fine-arts additional forms include, film, photography, contemporary-art, and print-making. In certain institutes-of-learning however, the term fine-arts is associated-exclusively with visual-art forms.

Fine Art Paintings

The composition of a fine art painting is what catches the viewer’s eye and defines the artwork.The word “fine” doesn’t so much denote-the-quality of the art-work in-question, but the purity-of-the-discipline.The definition-tends to exclude-all other visual-art-forms that can or could be said to be or considered to be craft-work or applied-art like textiles.

The visual-arts has-been termed as a more-inclusive and descriptive-phrase for current-art-practice.he common instruments used in Fine art paintings and drawings include graphite-pencils, ink, pens, inked brushes, wax color-pencils, crayons, chalk, charcoals, pastels, stylus, and markers. There are various sub categories of paintings and drawing,they including cartooning, Some painting and drawing methods and approaches like, doodling.

Contemporary Art

Contemporary-art is an art where the concept/concepts or idea/ideas which are involved in the art-work take the precedence over traditional-aesthetic and material-concerns. The inception-of-the-term “contemporary art” in the 1960’s referred to a very strict and well focused-practice of idea based-art that often defied the traditional visual-criteria which is associated with the visual-arts in its presentation-as-text.Contemporary art can be

Tips to Painting Abstract Art Paintings

The beauty of abstract art is that it remains free within its genre. I believe there is no right or wrong way to make an abstract art painting. The values of form, line, contrast, colour, position and tone are fundamental. However it is vital that the artist feels free to experiment and explore with paint. If you approach this style of painting with the following tips, you are on your way to producing an abstract art painting which you will enjoy making as much as you enjoy its value.

As a contemporary artist, I choose to make my art with complete freedom and I can share this with you. My work is encouraged to emerge and unfold, rather than being part of a preconceived notion. I adhere to the principles of form, line, contrast, colour, position and tone. However, often the best of my work is discovered through exploration and by accident or chance. I need to be open to all possibilities and prepared to experiment in order to create successful abstract art paintings. To me, this is the secret of painting abstract art and I explain this in the following 6 tips.

6 Tips to Painting Abstract

Exploring the Artist Identity

In this article, I have outlined the experiential processes of art paintings; the processes of dialogue and the processes of reflection or witness. These processes are taken from my own personal research into my artist identity and the findings have greatly informed my practice. This account forms a guide to those artists who wish to delve into their artist identity or those interested in exploring art painting processes.

Art Paintings Processes
The painting processes in this research endeavour to study the artist identity of the artist through the exploration of consciousness. The basic components of what; where, when; how and why they take place will be described in the following applications, which form a personal account.

These processes have been chosen instead of other media because of the quality of paint’s immediate and fluid response. Despite a background in ceramics, art paintings is where my passion lies.


What the Art Paintings Will Comprise
In my exploration, six art paintings will be undertaken. These will be abstract art paintings and figurative paintings. I will use alternative surfaces. The paintings will include canvases stretched professionally with concrete underlay (thick black plastic).

The dimensions of each art painting will be uniform: 120 x