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Canvas Art Painting for Decorative Purpose

Canvas art painting can lift the beauty of your living space and also give you a reason to smile every time you walk past it. The paintings which we have today are available in such a huge variety that a man of any mean or taste can find something to satisfy himself.

However, buying high-quality paintings require some knowledge and if you are a layman or are making your first such purchase, then the following five tips will be in your help for getting that perfect modern canvas art painting from artists:

Ensure it Matches with Walls

The most important point to keep in mind is the wall painting done in your house. A canvas painting needs to be hung on the wall and its beauty shall naturally get affected by the background color. It is advisable that you select a painting which presents some contrast to the colors of your wall. So, a personal examination of your room’s design and theme will help you buy an appropriate painting.

Go for Suitable Theme

Decorative art paintings are not limited by a genre or theme or design. Today’s artists are highly creative and they wield their brush to conjure diverse forms of nature, life and moods. One vital tip before you set out to buy a painting is to narrow down your choices inside your mind as to what kind of painting you are looking for. If you feel at home with nature, then you can select nature paintings. They will bring a soothing serenity to your space.

Find Proper Sizes

Never make a hasty purchase just because you got totally mesmerized by a particular piece of art. No matter how great or how hypnotizing the painting may be, you will have to ensure that it will be in congruity with the available space that you have at your room. A large canvas may be unfit for your small rooms while a small painting may not seem perfect for your spacious walls.

Purchase Matching Frames for Artworks

Paintings may or may not come with a frame. You may need to choose a separate frame which will again come in different styles and costs. This is another area which will require your attention. The general tip will be to opt for a frame which is in sync with the painting and with your wall. But if your budget is low, then you can also skip buying the frame altogether.

Find Paintings from Amateur Artists

Quality painting does not necessarily refer to an artwork by a famed artist. The young and lesser known artists today have plenty of talent and creativity within them. One of the best tips to buy artworks for prudent purchasers is to look among the works of amateur painters. The paintings by less famous artists can be unique in quality and still available at low prices.

Creative Ways to Use Canvas Art Painting

Canvas art painting has the power to beautify your house in a frightfully exciting way. Art and creativity go hand in hand. As a person who has a fetish for art, one can always take the liberty of coming up with his/her own ideas about using the painting.

Here are 5 creative ways which can be used to decorate your house with such a painting:

Framing it up: The right kind of frame can do justice to the painting and can also compound the beauty of the art multifold times. Quite often, an absence of frame can fail to elicit the true artistic beauty of a painting. While a frame can truly bring about a miraculous transformation, one must be discreet while choosing it. The right frame needn’t be expensive, since even some old frames can be reprised by adding some touch-ups and varnish strokes.

Substituting wire with ribbon: Another creative touch you can lend to a canvas wall art painting is to attach it to the wall with the aid of colorful ribbons, instead of the usual wires. Wires may look bland and can even erode the beauty of the art to some extent. Ribbons have that fabled and poetic look. They work brilliantly well with some paintings, especially ones which have some vibrant themes.

Teaming them up: In case, you have more than one canvas art, then you can even choose to team them up together side by side or in some other convenient arrangement. Grouping works best if the paintings are smaller in size or if the wall is spacious enough. But do keep in mind that the groping must not appear incongruous. The trial-and-error method will help you figure out the best combination.

Making a series: If the canvas paintings have a similar theme, then one can even make a series out of them and hang them side by side, as seen in galleries. For instance, if the paintings depict portraits of sports personalities, then you can arrange them in a row in some specific order viz. in chronological order or in order of their seniority.

Going for a hotchpotch: This can be construed as a bold move and it may or may not work for you as an individual. But one stimulating way of using art paintings for home décor is to create a hotchpotch of paintings with different themes and placing them together.

How to Create Modern Art Paintings

If you think you have the talent and enthusiasm to become a pro artist, you should go ahead with it. However, do remember that talent alone won’t take you anywhere unless you can imbibe discipline into your routine and pledge to improvise over your flaws. Modern decorative art painting is more about observation and diligence than anything else. However, some educational or technical qualification also helps.

Though you can sign up for some course if you wish, the best form of learning is self-education. Research as much as possible, observe the paintings of artists from all eras and try to experiment with different styles. When you are working on modern wall art paintings, you will produce bad work more often than good work. It is the part and parcel of an artist’s life. Don’t let your failings curb your enthusiasm; keep on improvising and producing work until you come with perfect art.

Warming up is also essential. Your first few strokes of brush may not produce good results. Allow yourself some time to get into stride and after an hour or so you will feel confident as you slip into the right mood. Contemporary canvas art work also requires a professional to be discreet with his materials.

Since you are aiming to become a professional artist (and not just an amateurish one), you must not work with shoddy materials! Even if you have to invest some extra bucks, make sure that your painting brush, canvas and colors are of professional quality.

Out of the 10 paintings you produce, 7 or 8 (or even 9) may be mediocre stuff. Do not throw them away. Stack them for future reference, but do not market them or show them to a potential employer. Quality should be given precedence over quantity. Display only those works which are your best.

Your hand-painted art paintings will require you to choose from a gamut of media and painting styles. As for painting, you can choose to paint in oil or in acrylics or you may use watercolor. Watercolor is the cheapest but is preferable mostly for landscapes or seascapes. For portraits and decorative art paintings, you better settle for oil painting or acrylic painting.

You must also learn about computer imaging. The modern artworks take assistance from computer tools and software especially for illustration. You can help yourself grow and get better in art by teaching novices or young learners. Also, try to improve your power of discernment, develop your power of judgment, learn to take negative comments in your stride and try to tell a story using your art.

Canvas Metal Wall Art

Metal art painting is quite different from canvas art, though the basic things are more or less the same. There are different challenges posed by each form and they require completely different set of approaches. Though, a potential buyer can find metal art paintings in the market almost as easily as canvas wall artworks, it can be interesting to learn about the basic differences between the two art painting categories:

Hard metal versus soft canvas: Metal is harder than canvas and a first-timer may have to get out of his comfort zone in order to make a metal art. While a different kind of mental preparation becomes necessary, even technically the artist needs to gear up to tackle some fresh challenges.

Rusting: One of the key differences between metal painting and canvas painting is that the former is prone to rusting. Since metal wall artworks are carried out over metals, the element of rusting comes into play. Rusting is a usual phenomenon with almost any type of ferrous metal. However, certain precautions may be taken in order to minimize the risk of rust development. An alternative is to choose a metal which is immune to rusting.

Surface Preparation: Even before the artist starts out, he needs to make special preparations to ready the surface. The preparation for canvas painting is minimal and does not entail any ordeal. But while working over metal arts, it is vital to take a few things into consideration.

Metallic plate often needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Some artists simply wipe off the dust and accumulated dirt while some take extra precautions and rub sand to make the surface dry and rougher. In order to make the surface friendly, some also apply primers or dab a bit of vinegar solution.

Choice of Paint: Canvas art paintings can be made using all the popular kinds of paints. Water color, oil paints and acrylics are all extremely popular with canvas art and do not pose any major difficulty as such. However, metal art paintings are prone to rusting. So, the oil paint is the most favored form of paint. Water colors are strictly unadvisable and even though acrylics are used by some, they can be tricky to handle. Acrylics stay wet for longer time and they compound the risk of rusting.

Permanence: Canvas painting is more permanent by nature while metal art is subjected to climatic factors, chemical alterations, changes in surface, etc. Hence, they may lose the original texture after a period of time.