Canvas Metal Wall Art

Metal art painting is quite different from canvas art, though the basic things are more or less the same. There are different challenges posed by each form and they require completely different set of approaches. Though, a potential buyer can find metal art paintings in the market almost as easily as canvas wall artworks, it can be interesting to learn about the basic differences between the two art painting categories:

Hard metal versus soft canvas: Metal is harder than canvas and a first-timer may have to get out of his comfort zone in order to make a metal art. While a different kind of mental preparation becomes necessary, even technically the artist needs to gear up to tackle some fresh challenges.

Rusting: One of the key differences between metal painting and canvas painting is that the former is prone to rusting. Since metal wall artworks are carried out over metals, the element of rusting comes into play. Rusting is a usual phenomenon with almost any type of ferrous metal. However, certain precautions may be taken in order to minimize the risk of rust development. An alternative is to choose a metal which is immune to rusting.

Surface Preparation: Even before the artist starts out, he needs to make special preparations to ready the surface. The preparation for canvas painting is minimal and does not entail any ordeal. But while working over metal arts, it is vital to take a few things into consideration.

Metallic plate often needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Some artists simply wipe off the dust and accumulated dirt while some take extra precautions and rub sand to make the surface dry and rougher. In order to make the surface friendly, some also apply primers or dab a bit of vinegar solution.

Choice of Paint: Canvas art paintings can be made using all the popular kinds of paints. Water color, oil paints and acrylics are all extremely popular with canvas art and do not pose any major difficulty as such. However, metal art paintings are prone to rusting. So, the oil paint is the most favored form of paint. Water colors are strictly unadvisable and even though acrylics are used by some, they can be tricky to handle. Acrylics stay wet for longer time and they compound the risk of rusting.

Permanence: Canvas painting is more permanent by nature while metal art is subjected to climatic factors, chemical alterations, changes in surface, etc. Hence, they may lose the original texture after a period of time.